Cheat Name:
Car ID: Infernus
Car Name: Warning: The car name must not contain ANY spaces.
Car Color #1:
Car Color #2:
Car Wheel Size:
Car Traction Multiplier:
Car Traction Loss:
Car Traction Bias:
Car Drive Type:
Car Engine Type:
Car Engine Gears:
Car Suspension Upper Limit:
Car Suspension Lower Limit:
Car Suspension Damping Level:
Car Suspension Force Level:
Car Suspension Bias:
Car Suspension Anti-Dive Multiplier:
Car Steering Lock:
Car Mass:
Car Turn Mass:
Center of Mass - X:
Center of Mass - Y:
Center of Mass - Z:
Car Custom Exaust Color:
Car Custom Neon Color:
Car Has Burn Out Smoke:
Show a message that your car has spawned:


The above buttons are disabled because they need recoded. If you can code very well, then contact me at